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More than you ever wanted to know about 0maths.


0maths is developed, maintained and owned by Influenca Ltd (© 2020-2024).

It began as a personal project but has been a full time occupaton since Lockdown. I am not a teacher but a software engineer with a (long ago) background in mechanical engineering. Engineering can be thought of as science-driven design and this approach is very evident in 0maths:


0maths is a bottomless pit of rapid fire, randomly generated practice questions across over 500 topics including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, percentages, units, fractions, factors, time, money, units, geometry, area and algebra.

It is suitable for all pupils but was particularly designed to embrace the needs of nervous learners with the following innovations:


We're based in beautiful Aberdeenshire, Scotland. is hosted in the UK and all data is controlled from the UK.


The first maths-for-kids script that eventually became 0maths dates from 2013 or thereabouts, aimed at the needs of a child who'd scored a few days off school with an injured foot.

In lockdown 2020, it changed gear. Like many schools, our own was struggling with the cycle of work being given, pupils printing the work, work getting back to teachers, getting marked, and feedback returned to pupils. The school pointed us to the many online resources but two out of three of my children found them stressful - wrong answers and visibly ticking timers increased anxiety and reduced learning. The third child got frustrated at having to play a pretty basic game between questions - a game that took longer than the questions. ("Can't I just do the questions?")

Since then I’ve been adding more to it. It’s been like climbing a mountain - every time the summit appears, it turns out not to be the summit. It’s now up to over 500 question types.

0maths has been designed to span the digital divide and be universally accessible. It should work fine on anything from a brand new laptop to a ten year old phone. Once it has loaded, it can be used without an internet connection.


School level maths is not about genius, it's about practice. Some kids need more practice than others, but more children are able to ace their maths than currently do.

Maths is important. It’s the language of the universe. It speaks truth to power. It teaches objective thinking. It makes complex problems easy.

We tend to take maths for granted because it was there right through our childhood, and once we know it, it's just so simple. Really though, maths is a series of spectacular, mind bending inventions which can be reproduced with a pencil and paper.

The very idea of counting is not inate. We (along with some other animals) can observe numbers to 4; beyond that we had to invent the means to record them. Many remote cultures use the number system "1", "2" and "many". The Romans invented the means for recording all numbers they had use for, but it was difficult to work with. The Indians did it better, perhaps magically, with the place-value system (though we credit the arabs for it).

Other leaps forward came centuries later: zero, negative numbers, the decimal point... etc, and that's just the numbers. Without algebra, calculus, trigonometry, statistics, how much of the universe could we master?

So, there you have it: maths is awesome, and everyone should be given whatever they need to understand it.

Why 0maths?

Yeah, the name's misleading - kids may suppose they are going to get to do no maths at all.

It's called 0 maths because it had to be short and simple enough that young children could type it in class and needed to contain the word 'maths'.

0 Maths - the invention of zero


How did 0maths come about?

Like many people, I got immersed in the agonies of education in Lockdown. My children - let's call them Bart, Lisa and Maggie - all got assigned work on worksheets and apps. None of them thrived on them.

Bart - who has ADD - hated maths because he felt he was bad at it. When faced with a difficult question, he just got it into his head that it was something he wouldn't be able to do. That one thought was so big, there wasn't room in there to work out how to do it.

Lisa - bright and conscientous - hated the maths sites she'd been assigned because they weren't challenging and she was forced to play frustrating and irrelevant games after every question (made worse by trying to do them on a laptop with a trackpad). It was like a treadmill. You could see her enthusiasm for learning deflating a little with each session.

Maggie - aged 6, had terrible maths anxiety. She took it very personally when she got a question wrong. Each maths session started with tears, and went downhill from there. She was too upset to think. She made so much noise about it that nobody else could think either. We dreaded even mentioning the word.

Something had to change.

parabolaEnter Dad.

The apps could be much better. They didn't really encourage new learning at all - there seemed to be no time for it. They didn't encourage the right frame of mind. Before 0maths, I'd been running a software company for over 25 years. I could fix it for my children.

Initially each question type was a sticking plaster - something that could cover what they needed for that week. The important thing was that I could embrace their learning styles.

Version 0.1 was crude and clunky. It was just one bald Dad's zany project. Nevertheless, I thought others might benefit so I put a post up on Facebook. One morning about a week later I logged on to find that, in that moment, nearly 2,000 children were using that scruffy little prototype.

parabolaEnter Imposter syndrome.

Having so many children looking to me for guidance felt like a huge responsibility.

What did I know about education? Why, in trying to please my own children, was the approach I came up with so different to all the other maths sites? Does a red cross and a low score teach anything? (No) Does a race against the clock help children improve? (again, no) Why are most of the other maths apps multiple choice? The good news for 0maths is that psychologists have done a lot of work on what makes learning effective (mostly not multiple choice, it turns out). If a child is going to entrust me with 10 minutes of their life, I owe it to them to ensure they learn as much as possible in that 10 minutes.

If people were using 0maths, I had a duty to make it as good as it could possibly be. Refining and expanding 0maths has been a full time occupation since Lockdown. I won't claim it's finished - it never will be; there'll always be new material to add. But it is very very good - kids using 0maths are likely to progress faster than kids using the old behemoths that my own kids so hated in Lockdown.

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Our mission

Our mission is to give the skills to ace maths to every child who wants it. We want to close the attainment gap because education is the greatest social leveller. Yes, yes, I know, all maths websites say that. In our case though, we back it up with meaningful action. If you can't afford a subscription, just contact us and we can sort you out with a complementary one. No means testing, no probing questions, no judgement.

Our values

We strive

To provide an efficient learning experience

We will always strive to ensure that time spent learning maths on 0maths will achieve more than the same amount of time on any other platform.

To be science led

Where we differ from the herd will be because the pedagogy indicates it's the way to go. If new research comes along that suggests we should redesign 0maths to improve learning outcomes, then we will redesign 0maths. We will not be gimmicky.

To be good students

No wrong answers is at the core of 0maths. Mistakes are inevitable and can be corrected. We know that we make them too. We will always admit it when we're wrong, without hanging on to dogma.

To be responsive

If someone tells us they see a way for the experience we offer to be improved, we will strive to make it happen as soon as practicable.

Carbon neutral - kind of

Our carbon footprint is small - one small office with some computers. It's largely powered by a battery-backed solar array on the roof, so on sunny days we can be confident we're carbon neutral. On sunless, windy days the bulk of our energy comes from the world's largest floating windfarm.

But what happens when it's not sunny, and the giant offshore windfarm isn't turning either? Unfortunately, whatever energy suppliers claim, that energy comes from the grid and it's not carbon neutral at all.

Similarly, the energy used to get 0maths to you from our server (and the server itself) also has a carbon footprint. This is outwith our control but we do what we can to minimise the amount of data transferred. Unless we've just done an update we instruct your computer to use files from your last visit. In this way, the size of the download is reduced to around 1kB per question. That means you could literally answer 5,000 questions for the same data transfer as opening Facebook's home page for about 10 seconds.

We do not take part in any carbon offsetting schemes. They are entirely unregulated and there's not a reliable way to see what money spent on them buys (if anything).

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